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knitting machine kh965 brother + ribber kr850 + krc900 package

Introducing the reconditioned Brother KH 965 Knitting Machine, a game-changer for all knitting enthusiasts. With its impressive range of features and capabilities, this machine is designed to take your knitting skills to new heights.

The KH 965 boasts an incredible 615 pre-programmed built-in patterns, giving you an extensive library of options to choose from. But what sets this machine apart is its ability to use any part of these patterns in your own designs. With the freedom to mix and match, you can create truly unique and personalized pieces.

Not only can you design and knit single repeats ranging from 1 to 200 stitches wide, but you can also store up to 254,000 stitches or 98 full patterns in the machine's powerful memory. This means you'll never have to worry about running out of space for your creative ideas.

Pattern variation is made effortless with nine different choices. You can flip your design upside down, reverse it, rotate it, or even create vertical or horizontal reflections. The KH 965 also allows you to combine up to seven different motifs on any single width of knitting, offering endless possibilities for intricate and detailed designs.

The memory button is a convenient feature that automatically returns the machine to the correct row when dividing your knitting for neck shaping. No more losing your place or wasting time trying to find where you left off.

For those who love working with multiple colours, the KH 965 simplifies the process. Simply enter the pattern and let the machine do its magic!. And if you're into lace knitting, this machine has got you covered. It comes with a lace carriage capable of creating everything from multi-transfer lace to fine lace with delicate half-stitches.

The Brother KH 965 Electronic Knitting Machine is fully compatible with both Garter Carriage (sold separately) and Brother KE 100 motor drive (sold separately).
But that's not all - this knitting machine can also be connected to design software (sold separately), allowing you to unleash your creativity like never before. Experiment with custom designs and bring your unique vision to life.

And to make your knitting journey even more enjoyable, the KH 965 comes with the Stitch World II Book. This beautifully illustrated book provides you with hundreds of pattern choices that can be automatically knitted from the machine's memory. From fair isle to lace, tuck stitches to weaving, the options are vast.

With its 200 knitting needles and a needle pitch of 4.5mm, the Brother KH 965 Knitting Machine is a versatile and powerful tool that offers unparalleled creativity and precision. Whether you're a seasoned knitter or just starting out, this machine will bring your designs to life like never before. Unleash your imagination and let the KH 965 turn your knitting dreams into reality.

Rest assured, this machine has been expertly serviced and tested, ensuring smooth operation from the moment you start knitting. With the lace carriage, accessories, stitch world pattern books and instruction manual included, you'll have everything you need to get started right away.

No matter where you are in the world, we can ship this incredible Brother Knitting Machine KH 965 Electronic directly to your doorstep. Get ready to embark on a knitting journey like no other!


Introducing the Brother Ribber Attachment KR 850 for Brother Knitting Machines, a must-have accessory for knitting enthusiasts. This versatile attachment is compatible with a range of Brother knitting machine models, including KH 836, 840, 860, 864, 868, 881, 891, 894, 900, 910, 930, 940, 950, 950i, 965, 965i and 970

Crafted with precision engineering and designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing machine, the KR 850 opens up a world of creative possibilities. Expand your knitting repertoire with ease as you effortlessly create intricate ribbed patterns and textures.

This ribber attachment comes fully serviced and complete with an easy-to-follow instruction book. Whether you're a seasoned knitter or just starting out, you'll find the step-by-step guidance invaluable in mastering the art of ribbing.

With the Brother KR 850 Ribber Attachment, convenience is key. It's ready for immediate use straight away, so you can dive into your knitting projects without delay.

Unlock a new realm of knitting possibilities with the Brother Knitting Ribber Attachment KR 850. Elevate your creations with beautifully textured ribbed patterns and experience the satisfaction of mastering this advanced technique. Don't miss out on this essential accessory that will take your knitting to new heights.


Brother 4 way colour changer KRC 900 Double bed

KH 836, 840, 860, 864, 868, 881, 891, 894, 900, 910, 930, 940950950i965965i and 970.  working in conjunction with a KR260 or KR850 ribber.

Using a double bed colour changer such as the KRC-900 you can produce Jacquard stitches, birds eye and stripes (no floats) to produce that professionally finished garments.

A really good gadget, it is best to start using this accessory once you have accomplished the basics with your machine and ribber. It will give you a professional look to your garments.

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