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Brother Knitting Machine Computerized Chunky KH 270 + Ribber KR 260

by Brother
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  • Brother Knitting Machine
  • This electronic computerized chunky knitting machine is capable of handling bulky yarn
  • With memory of 288 different stitch patterns,
  • So to start knitting just select the pattern number from the accompanying pattern book
  • Designing your own pattern couldn't be easier - anything from 1 to 112 stitches wide can be created. Just enter your own design directly into the machine using the input system such as brother pattern programming device ppd 120 and design-a-knit software. Once stored,they will then be ready for you, whenever you wish.
  • The kh-270 can be programmed to repeat a single motif or panel of knitting. Simply state the number of repeats required and where you would like them to appear on your garment.
  • The seven pattern variations can be used to give a number of different effects. 
  •  turn your designs or an area of pattern to face the opposite way.
  •  automatically mirror images sideways.
  •  double the width of pattern. 
  • double the length. 
  • knit your design upside down or reflects its lengthways. 
  •  the "Positive negative" button. 
  • This reverses the pattern selection so that the background color knits the pattern and the pattern colour knits the background.
  • the machine automatically re-formats any fair isle design for jacquard.
  • Stitch features
  • With fair isle, tuck stitch, thread lace and weaving stitches built into the kh-270 machine, this versatile machine will then go on to fishermans rib, jacquard, double bed tuck stitch with the optional attachments/accessories

Machine & Ribber specification

  • Needle pitch: 9mm 
  • Number of knitting needles: 114 stitch

Complete with instruction manuals, pattern book, power adaptor, tools and accessories Can ship worldwide     MyStoreMaps

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