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knitting colour changer Krc900 double bed for knitting machine brother reconditioned


Using a Brother double bed colour changer such as the KRC-900 you can produce Jacquard stitches, birds eye and stripes (no floats) to produce that professionally finished garments. 

Brother KH830, KH836, KH840, KH860, KH881, KH890, KH891, KH864,KH900, KH910, KH940, KH950, KH950i, KH965, KH965i, KH260, KH270 & KH970, working in conjunction with a KR260 or KR850 ribber.

A really good gadget, it is best to start using this accessory once you have accomplished the basics with your machine and ribber. It will give you a professional look to your garments