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Brother Knitting Machine Computerized KH 965

by Brother
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Reconditioned 2 Year Warranty

This machine is a must have for professional And novice knitters With 615 built in stitch patterns

Machine features

  • Brother Knitting Machine Kh 965
  • 615 pre-programmed built-in patterns
  • The kh-965 has a built-in 615 stitch patterns.
  • With ability to use any part of the 615 built in patterns in your design.
  • The ability to design and knit single repeat from 1 to 200 stitches wide.
  • Ability to store as many as 254,000 stitches or 98 full patterns of your own in its powerful memory.
  • Pattern variation with ease
  • Nine variation choices allow you to manipulate your pattern's design. Change the design to upside down, reversed, rotated, vertical, horizontal, mirror reflection, and negative image.
  • Combine multiple motifs to create your new design
  • The kh-965 allows you to combine upto 7 part or whole patterns on any single width of knitting

Memory button

  • Set the memory button to work when you divide your knitting for neck shaping, the kh-965 will then automatically return to the correct row for knitting the second half.
  • Three colours in a row split
  • Now for all 3 colours in a row patterns you can simply enter the pattern as a standard fairisle and the machine will split it out ready for you to knit
  • Jacquard knitting
  • You'll find an mc rib button to automatically separate your standard fairsile patterns for easy jacquard knitting.


  • The kh-965 even comes complete with a lace carriage, capable of anything from multi-transfer lace(feather and fans) and woven lace, to fine lace where only half the stitch is transferred.


  • For multi-coloured rows, pictures or large geometric knits without floats at the back, the main carriage instantly transforms into an intarsia carriage.
  • Broadening your knitting capabilities
  • Jacquard
  • Pin tuck
  • Racking patterns
  • Fully automatic jersey stitches
  • 1 x 1 rib
  • 2 x 2 rib
  • In fact virtually any rib combination 
  • Or why not add the garter carriage for ribs or moss stitch or garter stitch etc
  • Endless possibilities
  • With all these built-in features combined, plus the advantage that most of the brother standard gauge attachments will fit, the possibilities really are endless.
  • In fact with the kh-965 it really is true to say the only limitation is your imagination!

Stitch world ii

  • A beautifully illustrated stitch world ii book , is included for easy selection of hundreds of pattern choices which can be automatically knitted from the self contained memory.
  • Patterns such as fairisle, tuck, stitch, lace, thread lace, weaving are offered for your knitting enjoyments.

Machine specification

  • Number of knitting needles: 200
  • Needle pitch (mm): 4.5
  • Built in patterns: 615

Stitch patterns

  • Fair isle
  • Tuck stitch
  • Slip stitch
  • Weaving
  • Plating
  • Thread lace
  • Open lace
  • Multi-transfer
  • Fine lace