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Brother electronic knitting machine kh965 reconditioned


"Unlock Your Knitting Potential: Explore the Features of the Brother KH 965 Knitting Machine"

Unleash your imagination with the reconditioned Brother KH965 Knitting Machine. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or just beginning your journey into the world of machine knitting, this exceptional tool is set to transform your creative vision. Who said knitting machine couldn't be game-changing? With a wealth of features and capabilities, the Brother KH965 is here to elevate your knitting experience. Its knitting needles are poised to help you construct an array of unique patterns with elegance and precision. 

The Brother KH965 boasts an extraordinary library of patterns, with 615 pre-programmed patterns built right into the machine. Why stick to one pattern when you could mix and match? With the freedom to incorporate any part of these patterns into your designs, your creations can stand out as uniquely yours. 

Looking for immense storage for your creativity? You've got it with Brother KH965! Capable of storing up to 254,000 stitches or 98 full knitting patterns, your creativity will never be limited. Stretch the horizons of your imagination, knowing you'll never run out of space for those inspirational knit stitches.

Pattern variations become effortless with nine choices at your disposal. Flip your design, rotate it, create reflections either vertically or horizontally - the world of knitting has never been this diverse. To add even further depth, the machine allows combination of up to seven different motifs on any knit width, expanding the possibilities of intricate designs. 

The memory feature of this machine is another thoughtful touch designed to streamline your process. It automatically redirects the machine to the correct row when you divide your knitting - no more losing your place or wasting time figuring where you were. Your neck shaping knitting can now be hassle-free. 

What's in store for colour and lace lovers? 

If multitasking with colours is your thing, the KH965 is ready to simplify that for you. Simply input your pattern and witness the magic unfold. For the lace lovers, it comes equipped with a lace carriage, the machine can create everything from multi-transfer lace to fine lace featuring delicate half-stitches. By purchasing this machine from our knitting store, you are setting yourself up for never-ending crafting adventures. So, are you ready to transform your passion for knitting into uniquely fascinating creations? 

This machine has compatibility with both the Garter Carriage and the powerful Brother KE 100 motor drive. Additionally, it can connect with design a knit software, opening up new realms of creativity. Imagine the thrill of bringing to life bespoke designs, created using your limitless imagination. Machine knitting never looked so exciting, did it? 

Professionally serviced and tested, this machine guarantees a perfect operation from day one. Included with your purchase, you'll find a lace carriage, two stitch world pattern books, power cable, and a comprehensive instruction manual. It's as if you're being handed everything you need for an extraordinary knitting journey all in one package from our knitting shop

Delving deeper into the world of knit stitches, this exceptional knitting machine also caters for jacquard knitting, pin tuck patterns, racking patterns, and fully automatic jersey stitches. When paired with the Brother KR 850 ribber (sold separately), it can execute an amazing array of rib combinations. Isn't it wonderful how one machine transforms a sea of knitting patterns into a reality? 

For increased user satisfaction, the KH 965 comes equipped with the Stitch World II Book. This beautifully designed book is home to hundreds of patterns that can be automatically knitted straight from the machine's memory. The range covers multiple styles like fair isle, lace, tuck stitches and weaving. Just think, how exhilarating would it be to pick a pattern and see it come to life on the machine? 

With its 200 knitting needles and a needle pitch of 4.5mm, the Brother KH 965 presents you with an unparalleled tool of creativity and precision. This knittingmachine is suitable for both seasoned knitters looking to ramp up their craft, as well as beginners embarking on their first knitting journey. Just think, how exciting would it be if your first knit piece was a result of your own creative design? 

Wherever you are in the world, we can ship this incredible Brother KH 965 Electronic straight to your doorstep. Knitting has never been so accessible! So, why not treat yourself and step into a world filled with endless knitting stitches and patterns?