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Brother Knitting Machine KH 970

by Brother

Brother Knitting Machine kh 970
Reconditioned 2 year warranty

This standard gauge knitting machine is a must have for professional
And novice knitters
With 655 built in stitch patterns
Machine features

  • Lcd display screen
  • The kh 970 knitting machine is for person who wants professional results and unrestricted personal activity. The cb-1 control guides you through each programming stage. Step by step via the lcd display, you can select any of the 10 programs.
  • Some of the feature include an electronic row counter, per-programmed patterns, garment shaping and size calculation.
  • With this electronic console you can input your own pattern design and/or multicolor patterns.
  • The electronic tutorial does not restrict the user to english, but gives several other languages, so can easily be used by people unfamiliar with english.
  • 665 pre-programmed built-in patterns
  • The brother kh 970 knitting machine has a built-in 665 stitch patterns.
  • Personalized stitch patterns and garment shapes can be stored in the memory for future use.
  • Full needle bed patterns, up to 200 stitches, can be programmed in and knitted without a pattern repeat. Knit either single or multiple motifs anywhere on the garment.
  • Pattern variation with ease
  • Nine variation choices allow you to manipulate your pattern's design. Change the design to upside down, reversed, rotated, vertical, horizontal, mirror reflection, and negative image.
  • Your fairisle pattern can be changed to jacquard with one easy selection.
  • Combine multiple motifs to create your new design
  • The computerized kh 970 knitting machine allows you to combine up to 9 motifs or separate patterns in a single width of knitting.
  • Select your favourite patterns and line them up for an instant original design

Stitch world iii

A beautifully illustrated colored copy of stitch world iii book, is included for easy selection of hundreds of pattern choices which can be automatically knitted from the self contained memory.

Machine specification

  • Number of knitting needles: 200
  • Needle pitch (mm): 4.5

Pattern making system: electronic

Built in patterns: 665

Maximum pattern size: 200(stitches) x 998 (rows)

Stitch patterns

  • Stocking
  • Tuck
  • Skip
  • Fairisle
  • Fairisle motif(max. 9 group of motifs)
  • Plating
  • Thread lace
  • Intarsia
  • Lace

Compatible with design-a-knit software