Passap Knitting Machine E6000 + Motor 4600

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    Pfaff E6000 Electronic Knitting machine with auto color changer C600
    4600 Electra Motor drive unit

    Serviced by Dealer

    It will Knit, Stitch, Tuck, Fairlsle, Skip, Lace, and many more

    With 660 Built in Patterns

    When combined with different techniques

    Gives you a choice of over 40000 different patterns

    and that does not include your own built patterns.

    E6000 is compatible with Design-a-knit Software

    So you can build your own pattern on computer using Design-a-knit software

    and then can transfer that to the computer console using the Design-a-knit cable.

    Design-a-Knit Software and cable are sold separately

    Electra 4600 Motor

    The 4600 Motor will allow you to operate the machine at a press of a button as can be seen in the video

    This complete package is serviced and ready for immediate use.

    It is a must have package for both Enthusiast and Professional Knitters.

    The pfaff ingenious computer console walks you through the whole knitting process

    It asks you a series of questions and guides you through each process step by step

    Pfaff E6000 Special Features:

    Pfaff E6000 aims for perfection

    It automatically calculates the size and shape of your knitting,

    and tell you how many stitches to increase/decrease and how many rows to knit.

    This will make your life a lot easier, as chances of errors in knitting are considerably reduced.

    Thus you can knit an automatically shaped skirt by merely choosing

    the corresponding program in the electronic console.

    Package Includes:

      Pfaff E6000 console
      Pfaff E6000 main double bed (serial number: 6005635 )
      Pfaff T601 original stand
      C600 4 way auto-color changer
      Electra 4600 motor drive unit
      Instruction book and leaflets Plus Pattern book
      Instructional PFAFF DVD
      and accessories

    Shipping Worldwide