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Silver reed SRJ70 Ribber attachment for standard Gauge knitting machines

Enhance your knitting game with this serviced Knitting Ribber SRJ70 for Silver Reed Knitting Machine. This powerful attachment allows you to achieve a professional finish, elevating your creations to the next level.

With this ribber, you have the flexibility to knit a wide range of needle arrangements, from 1x1 to 3x3 and more. Say goodbye to limited options and embrace the possibilities of creating intricate patterns and textures on your knits.

Immerse yourself in the world of design with the proper cast-on edge featured in high-end knitwear. Achieve stunning effects like full or half fisherman's rib, herringbone swing, drive lace, pin tuck, tuck rib, and slip rib. The opportunities are endless as you add extra color and knit those floats in with double jacquard.

By adding this ribber to your machine, you'll transform it into a 400-needle double bed knitter that can effortlessly perform a variety of rib stitches. From double face to plating rib, this attachment opens up a world of creative possibilities.

Designed to fit both standard gauge punch card or electronic machines, this knitting machine ribber seamlessly integrates into your existing setup. It's never been easier to expand your repertoire and create standout pieces that showcase your skill and artistry.

Invest in the Knitting Ribber for Silver Reed Knitting Machine today and unlock a new level of knitting mastery. Elevate your designs with ease and precision, and watch as your creations become the envy of fellow knitters. Get ready to unleash your creativity and take your knitting projects to new heights!