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Brother electronic knitting machine kh950i reconditioned


Revitalizing the Art of Knitting: Discover the Reconditioned Brother KH950i Electronic Knitting Machine

Exciting news for all knitting enthusiasts out there! Have you ever heard about the refurbished Brother electronic knitting machine KH950i? If you haven't, we're introducing an extraordinary machine knitting tool that could soon become part of your craft collection. What makes this machine different from others, you ask? Let's dive in and uncover its unique features. 

"The reconditioned Brother KH950i is not just any knitting device; it's a game-changing gadget engineered to provide the perfect knit stitches every time."

For so many of us, knitting is not just a passion, it's akin to a spiritual experience: the soft clicking of the knit needles, the very formation of the stitches, the creation of beautiful knitting patterns... it's all so meditative and therapeutic. Hence the innovation and technology leveraged into these machines creates an ambience that accentuates this art of creation.

Why Choose The Brother Knitting Machine? 

Have you ever considered the Brother KH950i amidst the sea of knitting machines available in your favourite knitting store online? But why, you ask, should you consider investing in this particular machine? 

  1. The KH950i machine empowers machine knitting to a higher level. You're not just crafting; you're co-creating with an intricate mechanical ally.
  2. Just picture this: Instead of relying on two knitting needles, you now have two hundred of them darting together. That's the stunning efficiency this machine brings to your craft!
  3. You're not just creating regular knit stitches. With the Brother KH950i, you have an opportunity to experiment with a multitude of different stitches and patterns, all with the simple touch of a button.

Get ready to knit your world with the reconditioned Brother KH950i. Forge ahead, and broaden your creative horizon with this fascinating contraption. Remember, every stitch tells a story. What will yours be?

Have you ever imagined the amount of knitting possibilities available with the right machine? Just think about it - endless knitting patterns, unique knit stitches, and an array of customised creations all at your fingertips. Doesn't that sound like a dream come true for any knitting enthusiast? 

This machine offers precisely these benefits. Its winning blend of reliable performance and uncompromising creativity, makes it a favourite among machine knitting enthusiasts in knitting shops and knitting stores worldwide.

Let's take a closer look at what this knitting machine offers. It boasts an impressive repository of 555 pre-programmed patterns, all ready to be explored and exploited. This means there’s hardly any limit to your machine knitting options. So, whether you're keen on traditional knitting stitches or you want a truly complex and unique knitting pattern - the Brother KH950i has your back! 

Outstanding Features of the KH 950i 

Boasting a computerised standard gauge electronic system, the Brother KH 950i offers exceptional precision and phenomenal ease of operation. Imagine the wealth of possibilities with an astounding 555 built-in patterns ready to be manipulated in any shape or form. You may well ask, what else would give you the freedom to turn your knitting patterns upside down, double their width or even their height?  

Initiating your next project is straightforward. Simply pick a pattern number from the Stitch World pattern book included and watch as this wondrous machine brings your creation to life in seconds. True to its reputation for versatility, this machine performs a variety of tasks with precision - knitting, stitching, tucking, fair isle, skipping, and delicately crafting lace designs. It's simply awe-inspiring!  

The Intriguing Extras of the KH 950i 

Even more, the KH 950i machine features compatibility with the garter carriage and Brother KE 100 motor drive. These additional features can lift your knitting experience to new heights! Still hungry for more freedom to express your creativity? You can even connect the KH 950i to dedicated design a knit software, enabling you to experiment with custom designs and truly make your knitting projects your own. 

Assistance is at Hand 

Rest easy knowing the KH 950i has been expertly serviced and tested to guarantee an intuitively smooth operation from the get-go. You'll find it comes with an extensive kit - including a lace carriage, tool box, pattern book, power cable and instruction manual, so you can get started straight away. Explore its generous needle pitch and stitch capacity, and remember, you could also transform this flat bed machine into a double bed version with the KR 850 ribber attachment (sold separately). 

Doorstep Delivery 

Wherever you are in the world, the KH 950i can be shipped directly to your doorstep. What's not to love about this thoughtfully prepared package? Get ready to embark on an unimaginably exciting knitting journey!

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