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Brother Knitting Machine Computerized KH 940

by Brother
Sold out

Brother knitting machine 

Standard gauge electronic computerized kh 940

Reconditioned 2 year warranty

  • With 555 built in patterns,

  • Which can be manipulated in numerous ways,

  • Like turning the pattern upside down,

  • Doubling its width or height and many more

  • To start knitting just select the pattern number from the accompanying stitch world pattern book

  • And you're ready.

  • It will knit, stitch, tuck, fairisle, skip, lace, and many more.

  • Compatible with garter carriage and brother ke 100 motor drive

  • Very clean, fully serviced, with new sponge bar

  • All ready to start knitting straight away.

  • Comes with lace carriage, tool box and instruction manual

Machine specification

  • Needle pitch: 4.5mm (5.6 gauge)

  • Number of knitting needles: 200 stitch

This is a flat bed brother knitting machine but can be made double bed knitting machine with kr 850 ribber attachment/accessory.

Can ship worldwide

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