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Knitting Machine Showdown: Brother KH 950 vs Brother KH 950i

Knitting Machine Showdown: Brother KH 950 vs Brother KH 950i

For any knitting enthusiast, Brother knitting machine model KH 950 and KH 950i are no strangers. Both of them are the crown jewels of the Brother Knitting Machines line. They are revered for their advanced features, functionality, and user-friendly operation. However, at first glance, you might find it difficult to distinguish between the two models due to their uncanny resemblance. Yet, they have distinct characteristics that separate them from one another. 

Let's delve into the details and explore what sets Both knitting machines apart. 

Distinct Features of Brother KH 950 knitting machine

If you're a knitting enthusiast who loves technology, the Brother KH 950 is just the knitting machine for you. This machine is highly valued for its ability to work with mylar sheets, letting you create unique patterns. The KH 950 is also equipped with an impressive library of 555 inbuilt stitch patterns ranging from basic knitting to complex lace designs, enabling every project to become a work of art. 

What Makes Brother KH 950i knitting machine Unique? 

If you're a knitting enthusiast, the Brother KH 950i is a real treat. This model beautifully bridges traditional and modern knitting techniques. It's one of the pioneering knitting machines that can connect directly to a computer through special 'Design a knit' software and a link cable. With this machine, you have access to 555 preset designs and space to store 10 of your custom patterns - a fantastic feature that allows you to be more flexible and creative in your projects.

Comparative Overview: Brother KH 950 Vs. Brother KH 950i 

In essence, the main difference between the two popular Brother knitting machine models lies in their tech features. Both are great when it comes to knitting. However, the KH 950i stands out with its advanced computer integration.

The Brother KH 950 comes packed with pre-set patterns, but the KH 950i takes things up a notch. With its computer connectivity, you can design your own patterns on a PC and then knit them on the machine. It's an innovative feature loved by those who enjoy crafting unique designs. This makes the KH 950i a popular choice in the knitting world. 

A Closer Look at the Brother KH 950 Model


At first glance, the Brother KH 950 knitting machine is simply enthralling. This electronic marvel opens up a whole new realm of knitting possibilities. But what are its shining qualities? Let's scrutinize its particulars. 

Most notably, the Brother KH 950 is all about digital creativity. Packed with 555 pre-installed patterns like fair isles, tuck, slip, punch lace, weaving, and motifs, it acts as a veritable playground for your knitting aspirations. 

You can also adjust the stitch size on the KH 950, ranging from delicate 0 to sturdy 10, enabling varied knit densities upto 4 ply thick. Despite its impressive capabilities, it offers a very intuitive experience. With diagrams and numerical codes for pattern selections, it becomes amazingly simple to navigate. 

The Achilles' heel of this machine, however, lies in its programming. There's no option for creating a unique pattern; you're to work with the patterns provided. Albeit, with 555 designs to choose from, you're hardly short on options. 

Fun titbit: The Brother KH 950 was hailed as the most progressive home knitting machine upon its release, positioning itself well ahead of its time!

Beyond knitting, the Brother KH 950 accommodates a range of knitting gadgets like ribbing attachments and garter carriages. Just ensure to match the model numbers between the KH 950 and your chosen accessory. 

In sum, despite the absence of custom pattern creation, the Brother KH 950 remains a vibrant knitting tool. With multitude of pre-loaded patterns and an adjustable stitch size, it makes an excellent choice for curious and adventurous knitters. Visit our website to learn more about this model:

 Brother kh 950 knitting machine

Exploring the Features and Functions of the Brother KH 950i

Perhaps at first glance, you notice few differences between Brother KH 950 and the KH 950i. However, the subtle 'i' in KH 950i carries a significant distinction, standing for 'interactive'. Let's delve a tad deeper and unveil the implications of this small, yet powerful, variation.  

On the inside, the Brother KH 950i proudly houses a phenomenal 555 pre-set patterns. This number notably surpasses that of the KH 950, offering you a wider palette of options for your knitting ventures. Regardless of whether you've planned an elaborate lace project or festive kids' wear, the options with the KH 950i are nearly endless.  

Furthermore, the Brother KH 950i has an exceptional ability: it interacts with a computer utilising Design a knit software and link cable. This means the machine isn't limited to its built-in patterns. By connecting to your computer, you can create and transfer your personal designs directly to the knitting machine. These expansive capabilities effectively make your creativity the only limit! Visit our website to learn more about this model:

Brother kh 950i knitting machine

Choosing the Right Model for Your Knitting Projects

Identifying the perfect knitting machine model for your projects requires a good consideration of your knitting skill level, personal needs and preferences. Both Brother KH 950 and Brother KH 950i are standout models in the knitting market, loaded with exceptional features. Here's a walkthrough that will guide you while deciding. 

Beginner Levels: If you're new to machine knitting or would rather have an easy-to-use model, the Brother KH 950 is your best bet. The semi-automatic patterning system favours beginners as it allows better control and understanding of stitch patterns along with an easy-to-follow instructional guide. 

Advanced Levels: As for the seasoned knitters looking for a model offering more complex patterns, the Brother KH 950i is the ideal choice. The interactive patterning capabilities and additional stitch patterns make this advanced model perfect for those seeking adventurous knitting projects. 

Need for Patterns: If you're after a wider variety of patterns, the Brother KH 950i is an undeniable champion. The 500+ stitch patterns in the KH 950i will certainly give you a lot of creative options to explore. 

Control and Understanding: If you prefer understanding each stitch and row as you proceed, the Brother KH 950 would best serve your needs as it offers a step-by-step operation, which allows for complete control of your knitting. 

It's crucial to remember that no model is necessarily 'better' than another. You should assess your individual needs and skills before making your selection. Take into account the specific features you want, your capacity to learn and adapt to new systems, and of course, your budget.

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