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  • brother kh950i electronic knitter
    November 4, 2023

    Learn to knit with Brother electronic knitting machine kh950i

    Knitting Galore! 

    Now comes the exciting part – actual knitting. Once you've successfully cast on, simply repeat the carriage movement to create more rows of knitting stitches. The Brother KH950i can also create multiple types of knit designs, such as fairisle, tuck, and lace, among others. Isn't it astonishing how versatile this machine is? 

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  • dismantling brother knitting machine
    November 3, 2023

    Knitting Machine Maintenance: Keeping Your Brother Machine in Top Shape

    Regular maintenance of your Brother Knitting Machine is about more than just keeping it clean - it's a fundamental part of ensuring it continues to work effectively and efficiently. It reduces the chances of experiencing unexpected breakdowns or disruptions in your creative process, allowing you to weave your magic without any hitches. 
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  • Knitting Machine Showdown: Brother KH 950 vs Brother KH 950i
    November 3, 2023

    Knitting Machine Showdown: Brother KH 950 vs Brother KH 950i

    In essence, the main difference between the two popular Brother knitting machine models lies in their tech features. Both are great when it comes to knitting. However, the KH 950i stands out with its advanced computer integration.

    The Brother KH 950 comes packed with pre-set patterns, but the KH 950i takes things up a notch. With its computer connectivity, you can design your own patterns on a PC and then knit them on the machine. It's an innovative feature loved by those who enjoy crafting unique designs. This makes the KH 950i a popular choice in the knitting world. 

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