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brother kh950i electronic knitter

Learn to knit with Brother electronic knitting machine kh950i

Have you ever marvelled at the beauty of a hand-knitted item, but shied away from trying it yourself, overwhelmed by the complexity of the task? With the Brother KH950i knitting machine, knitting doesn't have to be an intricate, time-consuming craft. This machine allows you to create your own lovely knitted pieces quickly and with ease. So why not pull up a chair, join us, and embark on an exciting knitting journey? 

“Knitting is not just about the product, but the process.” – Unknown

Whether you are a knitting novice or a seasoned thread twister, the Brother KH950i knitting machine allows you to bring your creative vision to life. With built-in patterning capabilities, you can make intricate designs without difficulty. Case in point, knitting has never been easier. 

Key Features of the Brother KH950i Knitting Machine: 

  • Knitting Function Keys: The Brother KH950i is equipped with function keys that allow you to choose various knitting styles to your preference.
  • Pattern Capabilities: With 555 pre-programmed patterns, your creative ideas can readily see the light of day, moving from your mind’s canvas to the tactile world.
  • Memory: Thanks to its 95-stitch memory, you can save your unique stitch patterns for future knitting projects.

So, are you ready to learn how to weave magic with the Brother KH950i knitting machine? Let's dive right in!

Getting Familiar with Your Brother KH950i 

Now, let's familiarise ourselves with this remarkable machine, shall we? The Brother KH950i is equipped with quite a variety of features that make your knitting adventure smoother and more efficient. Understanding these features will help you utilise your machine to its fullest. 

Setting Up Your Machine 

Before we start knitting, we need to ensure our machine is set up correctly. And don't worry, it's straightforward. Begin by finding a sturdy, flat surface to place your KH950i. Ensure the surface is clean and clutter-free. The machine should sit stable, giving you a comfortable position for knitting. From here, you can proceed to install your yarn and cast on. 

Installing the Yarn 

Next, comes the yarn. Wondering how you do it? Start by opening the yarn guide on the machine. Then place the yarn into the tension mast, ensuring it's properly threaded. Following that, pass the yarn through the carriage. Be sure to keep the yarn free of knots and tangles for a seamless knitting experience. With that, you're done with the yarn prep! 

Cast On 

Now, we're ready to cast on. But, how exactly do we do it? Well, it's quite simple. Once you've set your yarn, select your preferred stitch type on the machine's pattern controller. Then, move the carriage across the needles to create the first row of stitches. Voila! You just cast on knitting with a Brother KH950i! Need more tips on how to cast on knitting? For a detailed guide, don't hesitate to peruse our useful article titled "Brother Knitting Machine Tips: How to Perfectly Cast On Your Knitting". It is packed with a wealth of information to enhance your knitting experience with Brother KH950i!

Knitting Galore! 

Now comes the exciting part – actual knitting. Once you've successfully cast on, simply repeat the carriage movement to create more rows of knitting stitches. The Brother KH950i can also create multiple types of knit designs, such as fairisle, tuck, and lace, among others. Isn't it astonishing how versatile this machine is? 

You see, learning to knit with Brother KH950i isn't daunting at all. In fact, it's quite thrilling and satisfying once you get the hang of it. Make sure you practice regularly and don't hesitate to explore the many patterns your machine can create. Happy knitting!

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